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June 7, 2007

Show #8

June 2nd, 2007-
Kevin forgets how to talk at the beginning of this show, but it gets better after that. We spend a lot of time discussing the IFPI's "Ten Inconvienient Truths About File-Swapping." In the end you'll either hate the IFPI or feel sorry for them. As always we answer listener's tech questions and cover more tech news stories.

- Show Notes -

Support Calls:
Evan in North Carolina tuned into our show by accident and tells us all why copy protection and draconic laws irk him. He specifically talks about an article he read in The Source magazine concerning people being arrested for selling and distributing their own music.

Leonard in Glendale called to discuss a few articles in The Atlantic magazine regarding how quickly music can "get around" on peer-to-peer networks and also how someone got back at a spammer. We suspect he was talking about Nigerian 419 scams and websites like 419baiter.com that string these scammers along.

Ivy from Phoenix calls to ask how he can get back at spammers. He reports his spam through official channels, but nothing seems to be happening. We explain that spammers are hard to stop because the e-mail isn't actually coming from the spammer but from "zombie" computers being used by the spammers. Ivy also points out that many of the spams point him to Geocities accounts and he is reporting those accounts to Yahoo. Yahoo is most likely taking the sites down as they find them or as they are reported. However, Geocities doesn't generate much money for Yahoo so they are most likely reticent to spend large sums of money cleaning up a service that is pretty much running on autopilot and bringing in minimal amounts of advertising dollars.

News Stories:
IFPI: Ten "inconvenient truths" about file-swapping
Studies: music industry overstating threat of P2P piracy
First arrest under spam law could dent e-mail flood
Home Entertainment: This is Why You Shouldn't Clean Your HDTV with Windex
Security vulnerability affects third-party Firefox extensions
First Guitar Hero III footage hits the net

Weekly Website: imdb.com
Software Spotlight: Microsoft Surface
Hardware Highlight: Antec Earthwatts

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June 11, 2007

Show #9

June 9th, 2007-
Another show bites the dust. Lots of good stories this week. We talk about patent reform, RIAA, Google, and Vietnam fiber. We also take multiple listener calls with both comments and questions. Our show in two weeks is going to be pre-recorded. However, you can still give us a call at 206-666-4689 to leave a question that we'll answer on our pre-recorded show.

- Show Notes -

Support Calls:
Joe from Gilbert calls to discuss the patent reform story. He postulates that the new reform could make it difficult for the "little guy" to file patents. However, as long as the reform is handled as discussed in the article we covered, this shouldn't be an issue. He also provides advice for would-be inventors.

Paul in Scottsdale had some questions about the functionality of WebTV. We do some quick sleuthing online to answer his questions.

Carrie from Scottsdale calls to discuss Google book search and wants to know how they are getting around the fact the most books have a copyright disclaimer. Kevin postulates that this may be because they are not reproducing the content in the book.

News Stories:
Bush administration seeks overhaul of patent system
RIAA throws in the towel in Atlantic v. Andersen
Substitute teacher spared sentencing for porn pop-ups, gets new trial
Book publisher steals Google laptops
Phishing plumbs new depths: Vietnamese fishermen sever fiber optic lines
Google image search recognizes faces
Bear robot rescues wounded troops
Dell goes Ubuntu; "Windows tax" is $50 according to pricing

Weekly Website: Craigslist
Software Spotlight: Firefox Extensions: IE Tab, Firebug, Download Statusbar, FireFTP
Hardware Highlight: Logitech Harmony 520

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June 17, 2007

Show #10

June 16th, 2007-
Show 10 is available for consumption. We discuss Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and what interesting information came out of there. There is no time to cover any other news stories because we take lots of calls in this show. Don't worry, though, we'll cover all the tech news in next week's show.

- Show Notes -

Support Calls:
Catherine from Chandler called in with a problem concerning her computer locking up randomly due to high explorer.exe usage. We recommended verify that she has no spyware using Spybot Search and Destroy. Unfortunately if that doesn't fix the problem she'll be looking at a Windows re-install.

Peter in Phoenix calls to spread his love for Apple's Mac OS X and his wish that they would release a version for non-Apple hardware. He found a program online that allowed him to intall OS X on any computer, but realizing this is illegal did not keep it. Apple will likely never release a boxed version of their operating system that will run on any computer because they want to have control over the user experience and also don't want to deal with the kind driver issues.

Carla in Glendale bought a Microsoft Zune for her son, is running Windows 2000 at home, and cannot install the Zune software. Unfortunately it turns out that the Zune software does not support Windows 2000. Ironically, iTunes does, so Carla would have been better off buying her son an iPod. If she cannot return the Zune her only alternative is to try and upgrade to a newer operating system, or buy a new computer.

William in Phoenix is having problems with Windows starting up. This was right after a Norton antivirus update and he didn't allow Norton to edit the registry. This may be what caused his issue as Norton puts very deep hooks into the operating system kernel and registry. Based on his description he may also have spyware. We recommend using AVG Antivirus, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Windows Defender to help keep your system clean.

Ivy from Phoenix is having a problem running Internet Explorer on a computer. He installed and ran Opera just fine, but even after upgrading to IE 7 the browser will still not open. To us, this means that something IE needs is corrupted in the operating system, an this can only be fixed by re-installing Windows. Fortunately, you can Repair an installation of Windows without wiping the hard drive. Just boot from your Windows install disk, press Enter to setup Windows XP, when prompted to repair or install a fresh copy, press R to repair the installation.

Carrie in Scottsdale calls to find out if she would have any problems running Quickbooks on Vista. According to Intuit's website only version 2007 of Quickbooks will run on Vista. The 2006 version will not.

News Stories:
Steve Jobs live from WWDC 2007

Weekly Website: Shields UP
Software Spotlight: Skype
Hardware Highlight: Plantronics .Audio 550

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June 23, 2007

Show #11

June 23rd, 2007-
This was a pre-recorded show, and as a result we were unable to answer any call-in questions on the air. However, we took this opportunity to catch up on the multitude of current technology news stories. So, pull up a chair and enjoy Show #11.

- Show Notes -
Coming Soon

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