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Show #9

June 9th, 2007-
Another show bites the dust. Lots of good stories this week. We talk about patent reform, RIAA, Google, and Vietnam fiber. We also take multiple listener calls with both comments and questions. Our show in two weeks is going to be pre-recorded. However, you can still give us a call at 206-666-4689 to leave a question that we'll answer on our pre-recorded show.

- Show Notes -

Support Calls:
Joe from Gilbert calls to discuss the patent reform story. He postulates that the new reform could make it difficult for the "little guy" to file patents. However, as long as the reform is handled as discussed in the article we covered, this shouldn't be an issue. He also provides advice for would-be inventors.

Paul in Scottsdale had some questions about the functionality of WebTV. We do some quick sleuthing online to answer his questions.

Carrie from Scottsdale calls to discuss Google book search and wants to know how they are getting around the fact the most books have a copyright disclaimer. Kevin postulates that this may be because they are not reproducing the content in the book.

News Stories:
Bush administration seeks overhaul of patent system
RIAA throws in the towel in Atlantic v. Andersen
Substitute teacher spared sentencing for porn pop-ups, gets new trial
Book publisher steals Google laptops
Phishing plumbs new depths: Vietnamese fishermen sever fiber optic lines
Google image search recognizes faces
Bear robot rescues wounded troops
Dell goes Ubuntu; "Windows tax" is $50 according to pricing

Weekly Website: Craigslist
Software Spotlight: Firefox Extensions: IE Tab, Firebug, Download Statusbar, FireFTP
Hardware Highlight: Logitech Harmony 520

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