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Show #8

June 2nd, 2007-
Kevin forgets how to talk at the beginning of this show, but it gets better after that. We spend a lot of time discussing the IFPI's "Ten Inconvienient Truths About File-Swapping." In the end you'll either hate the IFPI or feel sorry for them. As always we answer listener's tech questions and cover more tech news stories.

- Show Notes -

Support Calls:
Evan in North Carolina tuned into our show by accident and tells us all why copy protection and draconic laws irk him. He specifically talks about an article he read in The Source magazine concerning people being arrested for selling and distributing their own music.

Leonard in Glendale called to discuss a few articles in The Atlantic magazine regarding how quickly music can "get around" on peer-to-peer networks and also how someone got back at a spammer. We suspect he was talking about Nigerian 419 scams and websites like 419baiter.com that string these scammers along.

Ivy from Phoenix calls to ask how he can get back at spammers. He reports his spam through official channels, but nothing seems to be happening. We explain that spammers are hard to stop because the e-mail isn't actually coming from the spammer but from "zombie" computers being used by the spammers. Ivy also points out that many of the spams point him to Geocities accounts and he is reporting those accounts to Yahoo. Yahoo is most likely taking the sites down as they find them or as they are reported. However, Geocities doesn't generate much money for Yahoo so they are most likely reticent to spend large sums of money cleaning up a service that is pretty much running on autopilot and bringing in minimal amounts of advertising dollars.

News Stories:
IFPI: Ten "inconvenient truths" about file-swapping
Studies: music industry overstating threat of P2P piracy
First arrest under spam law could dent e-mail flood
Home Entertainment: This is Why You Shouldn't Clean Your HDTV with Windex
Security vulnerability affects third-party Firefox extensions
First Guitar Hero III footage hits the net

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Software Spotlight: Microsoft Surface
Hardware Highlight: Antec Earthwatts

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