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Show #53

May 8th, 2008 -
Jeff and Kevin are in the hizouse and bring you a show stock full of stuttering, manly giggling, and at least one mention of machismo as it relates to bandwidth usage. This week we talk about the new Nintendo Channel on the Wii, the release of AVG Free 8, Microsoft's white flag, Blizzard's shunning of Steam, the real story when it comes to forbidden media, pedophiles on Wikipedia? and much more. In the end, the one thing you should take away from this show is that you need to go watch Iron Man in the theater. You can provide feedback to the show at www.techtalkshow.com.

- Show Notes -

News Stories:
Nintendo Channel at Nintendo
AVG Free Anti-Virus 8
Microsoft says proxy battle not worth it
Blizzard Opens Digital Download Store
Undercover Shoppers Find it’s Increasingly Difficult for Children to Buy M-Rated Games
Activision/Blizzard leaves, still hopes to profit from ESA
FBI investigates 'Wikipedophilia'
Controversial Pro-IP Act sails through Judiciary Committee
Apple losing money in new movie deal
Comcast mulling metered access, 250GB monthly bandwidth caps
'Grand Theft Auto IV' makes a killing in first week
NBC using YouTube clips to drive Hulu traffic

Weekly Picks:
Jeff: Doom
Kevin: Iron Man

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