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June 4th, 2008 -
The entire tech talk crew graces you with their sultry voices and discusses the latest in technology, and a bit of smack talk for good measure. This week we discuss Valve's Steam Cloud, The kind of "creep" Prince is, Why we are glad we don't live in Beaumont Texas, in-game advertisements, the pwning of Comcast, and much more. You can provide feedback to the show at www.techtalkshow.com.

- Show Notes -

News Stories:
Valve's Steam Cloud will Keep Your Savegames Forever
Radiohead to Prince: Unblock 'Creep' cover videos
40GB for $55 per month: Time Warner bandwidth caps arrive
Unsealed court docs dish dirt on Yahoo-Microsoft dalliance
Tapping the river of cash: Sony joins in-game ad fray
Comcast Hijackers Say They Warned the Company First
Self-Destructing DVDs Make a Comeback
Rock acts ringing up sales via video games
PS3 Sucks Up Five Times as Much Energy as a Fridge
Civil rights groups blast à la carte cable
Nearly all returned gadgets still work
'Call of Duty 4' hits 10 million units sold

Weekly Picks:
Pete: Age of Conan
Chris: Age of Conan
Jeff: Short Blade in Assassin's Creed
Kevin: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

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