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Show #55

May 22nd, 2008 -
This is another Jeff and Kevin show, but you like those ones, right? Who would have thought that an engineer and a mathematician would have so much trouble doing a little bit of simple dividing? Not us... This week we discuss the lameness of Media Center, the crazy buying of both Ars Technica and Cnet, the insane trouncing by the Wii in April, Best Buy's audacity, A Jack Thompson shaming, and that's not all! You can provide feedback to the show at www.techtalkshow.com.

- Show Notes -

News Stories:
Microsoft, Yahoo forced into each others' arms
American Gladiators vanquished by optional broadcast flag
Breaking: CBS To Acquire CNET For $1.8 Billion
Ars Technica acquired by Condé Nast: the low-down
Nintendo Wii outsells 360, PS3, PS2, PSP combined in April
Best Buy: FCC has no power to fine us over analog TVs
Judge's report in Jack Thompson case: guilty on 27 charges
NetFlix: First Netflix Streaming Box Review, $100 and Unlimited Downloads!
Office 2007 to gain native ODF support early next year
Hostile takeover turns docile as EA extends Take-Two offer
Microsoft offers cashback search

Weekly Picks:
Jeff: Bioshock
Kevin: VisualHub or iSquint

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