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Show #54

May 14th, 2008 -
Show Fifty-Four has been recorded a day early so that Kevin can go the Jonathan Coulton concert on Thursday night. If you live in the Phoenix area, you should go as well to the Brickhouse in downtown Phoenix. The whole crew is here tonight; however, as always, Kevin and Jeff dominate the conversation. This week we discuss some new games coming out next week, the WiiWare launch, Guitar Hero IV, our retarded representatives, the truth behind violent video games, the Air Force wants to create a botnet, Universal Music's hypocrisy, and more. You can provide feedback to the show at www.techtalkshow.com.

- Show Notes -

News Stories:
New Games Next Week
Wii Ware Launches at Nintendo
First Guitar Hero IV Details Shed
House overwhelmingly passes controversial PRO-IP Act
Charter To Begin Tracking Users' Searches And Inserting Targeted Ads
Air Force Colonel Wants to Build a Military Botnet
Video games don’t turn children into blood-thirsty killers
Google begins blurring faces in Street View
Older DVR Owners Are More Likely to Skip All Ads
Philadelphia's municipal WiFi network to go dark
NBC-Vista copy-protection snafu reminds us why DRM stinks
Funny How Universal Music Thinks Infringement Fines Are Unconstitutional When It's On The Receiving End

Weekly Picks:
Jeff: The Internet
Kevin: Smithwick's Irish Ale
Pete: Call of Duty 4
Chris: Internet Porn

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